Sunset timelapse video and reprocessed Dumbbell Nebula

After days of grey, clouded skies, last night’s sunset was finally visible. So I positioned my camera in my window frame and let my laptop take 200 photos in a little over an hour:

DSLR recording the sunset

DSLR recording the sunset

When played at 20 fps, last evening’s sunset in timelapse looks like this:

Also, I worked a little more on my Dumbbell Nebula and got a pretty decent result considering the relatively low number of short exposure frames. After stacking, I masked out some of the noise, applied some high-contrast tone curves and made a star overlay, which makes the stars ‘pop’ and even makes them somewhat hexagonal (round with 6 small diffraction peaks due to the 3 bars in my telescope).

Stack of 41x0.8sec exposures

Stack of 41 x 0.8sec exposures

For reference, the original unprocessed frames look like this:

Single unprocessed frame

Single unprocessed frame

After exposure adjustment and noise reduction of the reparate images, they look like in the video below. The final image is the stacked image above.

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