This website began as a way for me to share my astrophotos with whoever on the internet is interested. Although I occasionally have written posts that weren’t about photos, most of the posts on this site are about photos I shot. When I started at astrophotography I began with nothing but an iPhone to work with. Later I modified an xbox webcam to use for planetary and lunar photography. Meanwhile I used my iPhone for regular ‘Terrestrial’ photography.

From the beginning of my astrophotography hobby I have wanted to photograph the beautiful galaxies and nebulae and iPhones and xbox webcams just won’t do that. So I got myself an entry level DSLR, which I also use for photography of cool things I come across (mostly landscapes, plants, and insects). The thumbnails below will take you to a page with more information about my astrophotography hobby or to all my nature- or astro-photo posts.

Leaf of a Brassia orchid. This is a stack of photos taken with different regions in focus.


DSLR recording the sunset

About my astronomy hobby

Best 41 frames of all the photos I got of M57 stacked together.


Small and old Hortensia petals of a lower leaf

Nature photos