A bunch of photos from last week

Over the past week I’ve shot several photos that I didn’t consider cool enough to devote an entire post to. So I saved them up to post them in a single gallery.

Yes, I did just post 2 other photos, but I’m talking terrestrial photos now. Photos without space stuff in them. With plants, fish, insects, chalkboards, water droplets… Enjoy! 🙂

Which Saturn processed astrophoto is best?

As there hasn’t been much night sky visible due to clouds, I processed the Saturn image I took recently in a few different ways. Thing is… I’m not sure what image I like best and as the differences are very sublte I find it hard to decide. So I let you decide which is best and use that processing technique next time.

What Saturn shows most detail and looks most natural?

Which of these Saturns shows most detail and looks most natural?