More attempts at good astrophotography

Yesterday I decided to try my new light pollution filter:


Skywatcher Light Pollution Filter


365nm, 545nm 570-600nm and some longer wavelengths (corresponding to mercury and sodium lights) are reflected

As mentioned before, it is tuned to block unwanted wavelengths and my first look through it provided a definite increase in contrast.

I used the burst mode on the iphone to make 400 1/15s pictures of the orion nebula at 25x magnification. Not al pictures stacked equally well and I ended up using 180 of them corresponding to 12 seconds exposure. Sadly, the result wasn’t as awesome as I hoped:16022014 web iphone

It features the same trapezium nebula that I captured at my first attempt. For comparison, here is the great nebula of orion as on wikipedia and the same photo from which I subtracted my result:16022014 web wiki 16022014 web subtract

My next try will be shot at about 50x magnification and at 1/2 sec exposure using slow shutter cam. I wont give up any time soon! 😛

Also, here is an overexposed shot of jupiter and 4 of its moons at 75x magnification. Will try to make a better photo next time 😉

Overexposed jupiter adjusted in photoshop

Overexposed jupiter adjusted in photoshop

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