Saturn last night

Last night I was finally able to take a quick shot of saturn. Image quality was quite poor as you can see in the few frames that I attached. This had a large number of reasons: the ps3 webcam resolution is low, saturn was just above the horizon, it was windy outside and I was looking through an open window from inside. The last 3 all come down to turbulent air which distorts the view. Anyway, I stacked the 20% best frames and got a better image than I had of saturn (the yellow oblate blob on the background of this site). When I have more time, weather is comfortable and saturn is better visible at a reasonable hour, I will take my telescope outside, use the correct webcam for the job and spend some time to get quality footage.

For those of you that like to look up every now and then at night: Jupiter is the brightest white dot halfway up in the west, mars the bright orange dot high south-east and saturn the sandy-yellow dot just above the horizon in the south-east. In 2 months jupiter will be pretty much out of sight and saturn quite a bit higher.

Saturn with ps3 webcam and 3x barlow (stacked and edited)

Saturn with ps3 webcam and 3x barlow (stacked and edited)

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