Tonight’s moon before it became as yellow as it is now:Image

It is a 300 frame stack from 3 separate video’s from the top, middle and bottom part of the moon. The moon just doesn’t fit in a single view at lowest magnification. But 1/3 of the moon does fit so I made 3 vids, stacked them in registax and alligned the 3 resulting pics in photoshop.

Pretty good quality for an xbox cam isn’t it? I guess the quality of an iphone photo through the telescope would be about the same.

Remember the micro observatories link I posted last time? Well I recieved the photos made by the automated telescope with the settings I gave it. There were some artifacts on the photos (for the nerds: I guess they look like electron avalanges?), but after some nifty photoshopping this was the result:Image

I told you it was really cool 😉 I dare you to make better images of the Orion Nebula using

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