First attempt at iphone astrophotography

First attempt at iphone astrophotography: Orion Nebula

Last week I won a telescope in a contest of telescope manufacturer Bresser, but had no chance to use it until sunday evening due to poor weather conditions. In the meantime I figured that it ‘d be cool to try out astrophotography. Since my best camera is an iphone 5s camera, I started looking for something better at the webweb. After being blown away by the prizes of the better cameras I quickly decided that I quite liked the challenge of iphone astrophotography.

After spending the majority of the weekend near the workbench to build an iphone 5s adapter for my brand new NT130s/650 telescope (thanks for the help dad!), I was finally able to make my first shots of a deep sky object at sunday evening. Even though I didn’t keep the orion nebula centered and used very low magnification, stacking 13 frames gave me a very satisfying result. With plenty of room for improvement, this seems like a nice photo to start with 🙂

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